April 30, 2010

La Farfalla Cafe (Escondido CA) *****


I was in the need to dine out with just the hubby and wanted something outside the typical Outback or PF Changs dinner. I was told about this place located in Escondido called La Farfalla Café that had Gluten Free items on their menu. Of course when I hear of such things I HAVE to check it out! La Farfalla Cafe is a quaint place nestled in between some other shops on Orange Ave. It is quite small and looks to hold about 26 people for inside dining. It feels very family dinerish and home like. I personally loved the ambiance. The place was also packed and people were waiting to be seated. Seems La Farfalla has a nice following!

Meet Lacy a new GFF! Lacy, her husband and son were sitting at the table next to us. Of course the social person I am started a conversation. Lacy was just as social and we got to talking about why she was Gluten free. Unfortunately, Lacy has fibromyalgia and has found that by going Gluten Free has helped.

So, Started off with the Soup of the day which was the Coconut lemongrass with Chicken. The taste was very simple and VERY refreshing. Cilantro topped the soup which had mushrooms, lemongrass and chicken. YUM! My husband, one who doesn't like coconut, even tried it and ate half. We also talked another couple sitting a couple tables away into trying it. Pleased to say they loved it too!

The bread that came to the table was made fresh and was really moist. It didn't fall apart unlike other gluten free breads. I would love to buy a loaf and take it home.
If I had a chance to order again I think I would have ordered another entree and not one so simple. The entree I ordered was a Pesto Pasta off the menu that came with a salad. The only reason I should of tried something different is that I can make Pesto Pasta at home. I should of picked something I wouldn't ever make at home... there's always next time.
The Pasta came with a side salad which was really good! it had mixed greens, carrots and cucumbers. I would of hoped for some tomatoes as well. Anyways, I had the Italian dressing and it was absolutely fabulous! I wanted to drink it. LITERALLY! The dressing was that good. Very Italian if I might add. it had everything you would think and Italian dressing would have... wouldn't change a thing there!

DESSERT! You cant forget dessert! The gluten free cream puffs where heaven!!! The hubby couldn't believe they were Gluten Free. The custard was perfect! The texture was perfect! THEY WERE HEAVEN! I found that these puffs were an experiment by the Chef there. Well two thumbs up! Maybe try an eclair your next experiment.

The main reason I went to La Farfalla Cafe was to try the carrot cake. This was another taste of heaven! The cream cheese frosting was perfect! Texture, being Gluten Free everything is about texture and it was just like I remember! Soft, cinnamon, sweet.
Me Enjoying my soup. Hubby, watching me enjoy my soup!

The Many Faces of Celiac Disease


The competition for attention to various diseases in May is extraordinary. No wonder so many people still have never heard of celiac disease!


In a web search of only 3 sites, I identified no less than 19 diseases who want attention in May. Many of them are better known and better funded for research such as cancer, MS, and arthritis to mention a few. We in the celiac disease community have something these other diseases do not, a VIDEO that is posted on YouTube so that we are ready to raise awareness starting May 1.

The San Diego Celiac Support Group created this video for the purpose of getting the message out. I encourage and support the use and distribution of this video 100%. It makes you realize there isnt just one symptom to this disease.


My request is that you pass the link on and have as many people as possible view it. Reaching the 3 million people who have celiac disease but do not know it is an awesome task. I am hoping we are going to find some of them through this effort.


Please help and know that your help is greatly appreciated!




This is my face for Celiac Awareness (see me throwing a "CA"). If you see me around San Diego throwing my sign and youre an Anti-Glutite too... throw it back!




Happy eating, learning and living! Gluten Free...

April 15, 2010

SIMPLE: Thai Peanut Chicken




I have discovered the best Gluten-Free Thai Peanut Sauce and the perfect, simple way to consume it. It has a bit of spiciness and a ton of flavor. The sauce is great to have on hand for one of those days you want to cook something quick. The longest cook time was my rice cooker!



3 cups Botan Calrose Rice

4 cups Water


4 - Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts Cubed

1 - Bottle Tamari Gluten-Free Thai Peanut Sauce

2½ cups Frozen Mixed Vegetables (I like the Organic Frozen Mixed Vegetables from Costco with the carrots, corn and green beans)

1 tsp - Olive Oil


To start off, I took 3 cups Botan Calrose rice (my favorite) and added the 4 cups of water. Do Not rinse the rice before hand if you want perfect sticky white rice. Press start on your rice cooker.


Using a Large skillet, on Medium High heat, heat up the Olive Oil and then add the cubed boneless skinless chicken breast. Cook until you don't see anymore pink.


Add and stir in the Tamari Thai Peanut Sauce and bring to a simmer for about 3 minutes.


Add and stir in the frozen mixed vegetables and bring to a simmer again for another 5 minutes.


Take a hefty scoop of rice when finished and a hefty scoop of the chicken and place it on top and enjoy!


Happy eating, learning and living... Gluten Free!

April 2, 2010

San Diego Padres announce affordable and fan friendly concessions


The San Diego Padres, yesterday, announced they are going to carry Gluten-Free concessions. In the article, Garfinkel stated, "We are acting on fan suggestions by adding the Kids Meal and by introducing specific categories such as gluten-free food options."


Concessions include hot dogs, burgers, salad and hummus & Veggi's... I even hear they are going to have Gluten-Free Beer.


Way to go Padres (or whom ever decided on this)!!!

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a disease of the small intestine. The small intestine is a 22 foot long tube that begins at the stomach and ends at the large intestine (colon). The first 1-1/2 feet of the small intestine (the part that is attached to the stomach) is called the duodenum, the middle part is called the jejunum, and the last part (the part that is attached to the colon) is called the ileum. Food empties from the stomach into the small intestine where it is digested and absorbed into the body. While food is being digested and absorbed, it is transported by the small intestine to the colon. What enters the colon is primarily undigested food. In celiac disease, there is an immunological (allergic) reaction within the inner lining of the small intestine to (gluten) that are present in wheat, rye, barley and, to a lesser extent, in oats. The immunological reaction causes inflammation that destroys the lining of the small intestine. This reduces the absorption of dietary nutrients and can lead to symptoms and signs of nutritional, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies.

I found this information at the link below.

BTW I dont claim to be an expert or doctor. This is information I have found or what has worked for me.