January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!


Its been almost a year since I posted. I have been on the down low enjoying what I know about being and eating Gluten Free and not out searching for anything new.

I have been asked to write a book about my experiences, but how boring is that? With all the new products and everything, this blog serves the public well and it stays up to date (plus its free and I dont have to have an editor look over my writing).

I am now pretty confortable with where I am at with the Celiac Disease and have realized noting is worth eating to make me feel like crap. When your newly Gluten Free you think everyone is out to get you and not care about you. In fact its the oppposite. I have had so much positivity in the last year and am thankful for that.

I am now at a point where I am helping other Anti-Glutites enjoy life and understand what newly being Gluten Free is about. It doesnt need to be stressful, dramatic, painful or mental. You have to think of it as a new adventure and try new things and get excited about it.

Pass my blog along if you know of anyone who is new to being Gluten Free. Hell if you have my number give me a call! Nothing better than to have someone empathize with you over the phone and chat about this Gluten Free thing with.

Happy eating, learning and living! Gluten Free...

What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a disease of the small intestine. The small intestine is a 22 foot long tube that begins at the stomach and ends at the large intestine (colon). The first 1-1/2 feet of the small intestine (the part that is attached to the stomach) is called the duodenum, the middle part is called the jejunum, and the last part (the part that is attached to the colon) is called the ileum. Food empties from the stomach into the small intestine where it is digested and absorbed into the body. While food is being digested and absorbed, it is transported by the small intestine to the colon. What enters the colon is primarily undigested food. In celiac disease, there is an immunological (allergic) reaction within the inner lining of the small intestine to (gluten) that are present in wheat, rye, barley and, to a lesser extent, in oats. The immunological reaction causes inflammation that destroys the lining of the small intestine. This reduces the absorption of dietary nutrients and can lead to symptoms and signs of nutritional, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies.

I found this information at the link below.

BTW I dont claim to be an expert or doctor. This is information I have found or what has worked for me.