February 8, 2010

It's My Birthday and I Will Binge If I Want To!


My birthday was awesome. I was in heaven! Gluten free heaven! Everywhere I looked was gluten free food. Gluten free desserts, gluten free sandwiches, gluten free pasta. Heaven! What anti-glutite wouldn't love to be here! The smells of such delectable food. The sights of such perfect food. Perfect for ME! Heaven!

As you first stroll in you can see desserts on your left. Chocolate covered Strawberries, Creme broulee, cakes, parfaits and cookies. As you stroll further down you reach the entrees where they had the best tomato basil pasta, stuffed chicken, pork with some yummy sauce and panini's. Walk a bit further into the buffet toward the end and you'll see a smorgasbord of fresh fruit and vegetables with delicious sandwiches. More Heaven!

Is this me being dramatic? I think not! I think this was one of the happiest days I've had in a long time! My husband and girls to my right and my mom and dad to my left of this perfectly circular table. It was a special day with special people and food. Who ever though food and family could make someone so happy?

It was so perfect, that after I cut some food on my daughters plate, I was able to lick my fingers. An act so little as licking your fingers after preparing something is truely big to me. Did I already say perfect?

I would like to say think you to the chef at the Four Seasons Aviara for preparing a wonderful feast on the first Saturday of every month. You have made many, many anti-glutites extremely happy and many, many more anti-glutites to come!

I am eating, learning, and living...Gluten Free!

Pictures to come soon!
What is Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a disease of the small intestine. The small intestine is a 22 foot long tube that begins at the stomach and ends at the large intestine (colon). The first 1-1/2 feet of the small intestine (the part that is attached to the stomach) is called the duodenum, the middle part is called the jejunum, and the last part (the part that is attached to the colon) is called the ileum. Food empties from the stomach into the small intestine where it is digested and absorbed into the body. While food is being digested and absorbed, it is transported by the small intestine to the colon. What enters the colon is primarily undigested food. In celiac disease, there is an immunological (allergic) reaction within the inner lining of the small intestine to (gluten) that are present in wheat, rye, barley and, to a lesser extent, in oats. The immunological reaction causes inflammation that destroys the lining of the small intestine. This reduces the absorption of dietary nutrients and can lead to symptoms and signs of nutritional, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies.

I found this information at the link below.

BTW I dont claim to be an expert or doctor. This is information I have found or what has worked for me.